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Double wall gas valve (patented)Double wall gas valve (patented)

Gas Injector

We designed and produced our own double wall-, Lloyds approved-, gas safe-, gas injector. ArenaRed has the knowhow for designing gas injectors and how to produce gas injectors. ArenaRed is interested to provide this know how to other parties as a total solution or as a product on itself. 

The double wall ArenaRed gas injector is Lloyds approved and can be supplied as OEM or retrofit package which means that no extra ventilation is required in the engine room. The double wall Lloyds gas safe approved gas injector is patented.

ArenaRed and its first customer Dolderman have put the highest possible safety requirements to the package in order to convert a Caterpillar 3500 engine into a dual fuel engine. Dolderman has a focus for European inland waterways transportation. The safety that comes with this is a big plus also for other markets like; railroad, Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM), CHP, pumping, automotive like truck, bus and personal car.


Design specifications gas injector

  • Lloyds approved double wall gas safe
  • 30mu Gas Filter inside
  • Steel on steel seal
  • 330mm2 trough put
  • 0,6mm valve lift
  • Maximum pressure difference between rail and manifold 4 bar
  • Maximum back pressure from manifold 6 bar
  • Time to open <3ms
  • Time to close <3ms
  • Solenoid < 118 Volt needed for peek


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