Smart Combustion Technology

Electronic Control Unit

The Combustion Pressure Based Control (CPBC) is fundamental in ArenaRed’s technology and uses uniquely designed Combustion Pressure Sensor (CPS) and Electronic Control Units (ECU). The combustion diagnostics on every cylinder is used as feedback for the actuators, therefor the ECU requires a substantial amount of computing power to process the data coming from the CPS’s.

In order to provide quick demonstrators for new or other customers the DOCAT 3500AR ECU is built as an engine laboratory tool. It has 16 peak hold injector drivers and is capable to drive any kind of injector, solenoid or piezo injector. The ECU is fitted with extra in- and outputs for additional peripherals. The ECU is also developed as an engine lab data acquisition system.

The ArenaRed Chip is based on a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) with programmable transistors. Only this kind of FPGA’s is able to run 1000 CPBC processes in parallel. The FPGA provides ArenaRed with an enormous amount of control possibilities. This makes it possible to integrate functionalities from other devices, when saving a controller could reduce cost of installation. Integrations could be;

  • Control of the Gas Supply
  • Gearbox
  • Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)
  • Trip planning

ArenaRed is ready and able to convert the dedicated ArenaRed CPBC FPGA into a dedicated chip. 


Specs Hardware DOCAT 3500AR ECU


  • FPGA that can handle the sample rate and processing power required for CPBC
  • Capable of engine speeds up to 22.000 rpm
  • 16 injector drivers to a maximum of 250 Volt Peak
  • 8 Can busses
  • 1 Giga bit Ethernet
  • 32 Digital inputs
  • 54 A/D converters
  • 2 VR sensor read in
  • 1 Hall sensor read in
  • 2 Rotary encoders
  • 2 Full duplex RS485
  • 1 Cascade interface



Spec Software DOCAT 3500AR ECU

The engine software is written in MATLAB/Simulink with a shell of C#.  

The ArenaRed CPBC Chip provides all required data (including CPBC data) such as:  

  • Parameters to optimize efficiency, emissions and engine lifetime
  • CA50, CA10 and CA90, for analyzing combustion phasing
  • Indicated Mean Effective Pressure (IMEP), for analyzing the load and for balancing the injectors
  • Cycle Temperature, for analyzing the emissions production 
  • Combustion diagostics to prevent engine damage
  • Canbus, J1939 communication with all other periphery apparatus
  • On Board Diagnostics (OBD)
  • All diagnostics which are standard available on the CAT 3500 plus all diagnostics coming from the CPBC 


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