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Picture of DOCAT 3500AR diesel injector (patented)Picture of DOCAT 3500AR diesel injector (patented)
Diesel Injector

At ArenaRed, we design and produce our own diesel injectors. We have the knowhow for designing and producing diesel injectors, and are interested to provide this knowhow to other parties as a total solution or as a product on itself.

The diesel injectors for the DOCAT 3500AR retrofit package are designed by us and produced in the Netherlands under our supervision by top class Dutch production facilities. Special features of the patented ArenaRed EUI diesel injector yield:

CAD design of the DOCAT 3500AR diesel injector internals (patented)CAD design of the DOCAT 3500AR diesel injector internals (patented)
  • Tip Cooling (Patented). The entire volume of the EUI pump stroke is pumped through the nose of the Nozzle, this reduces the temperature of the diesel at the needle from 260°C to 250°C while injecting 20 times less fuel.
  • Parallel needle MicroPilot (Patented). This small diesel injector or “MicroPilot” enables us to inject precise small diesel quantities which have little variation from stroke to stroke.
  • Parallel needle main diesel injector. The main injector is used for running at 100% diesel mode. The main is actuated by the same solenoid as the MicroPilot (patented). The injection duration determines if the main injector opens.
  • Combustion Pressure Sensor (CPS) integrated (Patented) which prevents drilling a hole in the cylinder head for placing the CPS.  

Due to new production methods we are able to produce:

  • A-symmetric Diesel Nozzles / Diesel Injectors
  • Parallel Needle Diesel Nozzles
  • Concentric Needle, Needle in Needle, Diesel Nozzles
  • Large Engine Nozzles
  • Small Engine Nozzles
  • Diesel Injector Parts
  • Low volume
  • High volume fully automated

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