Smart Combustion Technology

DOCAT 3500AR  

The DOCAT 3500AR is ArenaRed’s first total solution and is commissioned by Dolderman. Dolderman has exclusivity on the DOCAT 3500AR package in the area of inland waterway shipping in Europe. ArenaRed is looking for dealers who are interested to sell the DOCAT 3500AR package in other markets or other countries outside Europe.


Part List of the DOCAT 3500AR Package


Specs of the DOCAT 3500AR Package


  • 10% safe on fuel cost, this can be guaranteed by ArenaRed throughout the entire depreciation period of the installation
  • Stage-V compliant engine-out emissions, no exhaust gas aftertreatment needed
  • Retrofit port fuel injection, RCCI principle
  • 51,5% total fuel efficiency measured with +/- 2% accuracy
  • 95% natural gas or 95% hydrogen or a random blend thereof
  • Less noise
  • Longer engine life
  • No spark plugs
  • No calibration costs
  • It is expected that ArenaRed realizes Euro-6 compliant engine-out emissions without exhaust gas aftertreatment at the end of 2018   


Table: Engine-Out Emissions 


DOCAT 3500AR [g/kWh]

Stage V [g/kWh]
















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