Smart Combustion Technology


 On a tractor there is a typical a lack of space, therefore it would be a big improvement if any exhaust gas aftertreatment could be removed. ArenaRed’s Combustion Pressure Based Control (CPBC) could reduce engine-out emissions to make this possible.

Tractors can be found at every corner of the world but the owner is not always in possession of the best fuel. The ArenaRed CPBC allows a diesel engine with very simple diesel injectors to run on the worst kind of fuels. As these fuels are bad for the exhaust gas aftertreatment installations there is an extra incentive to not require one.

When natural gas, biogas or hydrogen becomes available the owner might add a gas tank to the tractor. In this tank he can store pure hydrogen, biogas, natural gas or a blend of those gasses which will mix ideally. ArenaRed’s CPBC can handle all of these fuels no matter in which blend they are provided. According to the analyses of the combustion process the CPBC knows which blend is used and how to operate the engine accordingly.  

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