Smart Combustion Technology

Personal Cars

The main reason why ArenaRed could be interesting for personal car manufacturers is that ArenaRed is able to provide the cheapest and simplest solution for motor management. This can be realized by lower allowable production tolerances and by using the least amount of components, without any exhaust gas aftertreatment. An additional benefit is that the user is less depended on the fuel type or quality. This can be especially favorable for all-terrain vehicle or SUV's that need to be less dependent on the available fuel. 

Sports Cars

ArenaRed’s focus is motor management based on combustion pressure analysis to achieve the best performance by using the fewest components. The combustion pressure sensors monitors the combustion process during every stroke. The large amount of data produced by the sensors is collected by the ECU which is capable of analyzing this data instantaneously. This feedback loop enables ArenaRed to push the engine to its limits, which could never be possible with conventional motor management.

ArenaRed thinks that it has the potential to help high performance cars to push the boundaries even further. For example, with Combustion Pressure Based Control (CPBC) it is possible to increase the compression ratio and boost pressure to the limit and still avoid the danger of knocking. This small improvement can push the power to weight ratio to new records. With CPBC the engine could never be overloaded because all potential engine hazards are being monitored, while the ECU controls the engine to operate below its limits

CPBC constantly analyses the combustion behavior of the used fuel, so when a different fuel is used the engine instantaneously adapts its injection strategy unnoticeable. The fuels could even be blends of ethanol, E85, petrol or even methanol. 

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