Smart Combustion Technology

Large Ships

The DOCAT 3500AR is ArenaRed’s first total solution and is commissioned by Dolderman. Dolderman has exclusivity on the DOCAT 3500AR package in the area of inland waterway shipping in Europe. ArenaRed is looking for dealers who are interested to sell the DOCAT 3500AR package in other markets or other countries outside Europe.


ArenaRed is also looking for partners to develop a similar kit for the generator market. Besides the fact that the use of LNG reduces the carbon footprint, emissions and fuel cost, Dual Fuel with Combustion Pressure Based Control (CPBC) also has a better transient performance. Power steps from 0-100% are quite common for generators but diesel engines typically lack transient performance due to their smoke limit. ArenaRed’s Dual Fuel engines can run at a higher fuel/air ratio during transient operation which significantly improves transient performance.  

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