Smart Combustion Technology


We are looking for company's to partner up for developing the ArenaRed retrofit system for the EMD engine. We think EMD has a high potential business case for the ArenaRed CPBC because of the following reasons.

Technical advantages

  • Our thermodynamically more ideal combustion cycle extracts more heat from the power stroke and less heat will be released in the 4 exhaust ports. The temperature in the exhaust ports will drop with 15% running on gas compared to the original diesel operation.
  • Due to the two-stroke principle of the intriguing EMD engine it has more chance of lubricant oil leaking into the combustion chamber than a four-stroke engine. The lubrication oil can auto-ignite and causes the gas charge to pre-ignite, which can lead to damageable knock. The CPBC of ArenaRed monitors these events and makes sure that the appropriate measures are taken.  

Economical advantages

1)             37% Safe on Fuel Cost

  • ArenaRed can guarantee an Efficiency advantage of 10% on the total Fuel consumption over the entire writing off period of the installation.
  • In western Europe the price of LNG delivered on board can be guaranteed to be 30% cheaper than Diesel also over the entire writing off period of the installation.
  • 0,9 efficiency x 0,7 Fuel = 0,63 x total Fuel Cost = 37% Safe on Fuel Cost

2)            No exhaust gas after treatment

  • No investment on the exhaust gas after treatment
  • No urea cost for SCR
  • No maintenance or down time due to the exhaust gas after treatment
  • No fuelling time lost for fuelling urea
  • No space needed for the exhaust gas after treatment

3)             Less down time

The EMD engine is in most cases part of a capital-intensive operation where engine failure is devastating the business, the monitoring of the ArenaRed CPBC and the immediate fully automated response thereof results in;

  • less downtime
  • less unnecessary maintenance
  • less engine loss  


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