Smart Combustion Technology

Dual Fuel

Although the use of LNG reduces your carbon footprint and fuel cost, Dual Fuel is also an ideal way of controlling the combustion process. The tunability of the diesel pilot injection is used for shaping the combustion process in a thermodynamic ideal way spark ignition could never achieve. By shaping the combustion process ArenaRed is able to reduce the emissions by controlling the peak temperature during combustion.

The DOCAT 3500AR engine, designed by us, is able to run in Dual Fuel mode as well as Diesel Only mode. In Dual Fuel mode the engine typically uses 95% natural gas and 5% diesel. 


Why a diesel pilot is an excellent ignition principle

  • The tuneability of the diesel MicroPilot injection can be used for shaping the combustion process in a thermodynamic optimal way spark ignition could never achieve.
  • The use of hydrogen as fuel
  • Due to the strong ignition a diesel MicroPilot avoids misfires. Misfires in a gas engine creates significant methane slippage.
  • A neutral carbon foot-print is achieved when bio-diesel (HVO) is used
  • Soot emission are the same or lower than spark ignition
  • A diesel injector is more durable than spark plugs. Sparkplugs have a lifetime of 3.000 hours while a low pressure pilot injector can run for 30.000 hours without maintenance. The total cost of ownership will 10x lower than a conventional spark ignition installation.
  • We believe that the diesel MicroPilot in combination with CPBC provides next step to realize Euro-6 emissions engine out.
  • We believe it’s possible to reduce the diesel share from 5% to 1% and maintain the excellent results ArenaRed achieves with 5%, for ArenaRed this is a future research step.

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