Smart Combustion Technology

Combustion Pressure Based Control

The CPBC is fundamental in ArenaRed's technology and uses Combustion Pressure Sensors (CPS) and Engine Control Unit (ECU). The combustion diagnostics used for optimizing the combustion process and protecting the engine are extracted from every cylinder and used as feedback for the actuators, therefor the ECU requires a substantially amount of computing power to process the data coming from the CPS’s. Combustion concepts like RCCI tend to be unstable and can only be stabilized by using CPBC high speed feedback. 

Advantages with ArenaRed CPBC

  • Enabling advanced combustion concepts like RCCI, PCCI, PPC
  • Going 10% further on the same amount of energy compared to diesel
  • Safe up to 37%* of the fuel cost in western Europe
  • High fuel flexibility
  • No exhaust gas aftertreatment
  • Lower production cost due to:
                -  less sensors needed
                -  cheaper actuators possible
                -  lower production tolerances
  • The monitoring of the engine hazards reduces engine wear and ensures a higher durability

*according to test results obtained at the test facility of ArenaRed in 2017

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