Smart Combustion Technology

About us

The focus of ArenaRed is motor management based on combustion pressure analysis for achieving the best performance with fewest components. Offering a ready to marked solution with a winning business case for all vehicles in order to safe 37% fuel cost, enable Hydrogen into transport and avoid exhaust gas aftertreatment.

Design of total solutions. Production out sourced under supervision of ArenaRed. Sales by selected dealers. ArenaRed works together with over more than 100 specialized companies. Most of the the research is conducted in our own test facility located at Oss.

We are financed by Dolderman, Rijksoverheid and Paul Nooijen.

ArenaRed is Spanish for SiliconNetwork and it refers to the own ArenaRed Chip with more than programmable transistors within a 20x20x2mm silicon chip, it has more roads than mother earth including the unnamed sand roads. ArenaRed is ready to convert this design chip into a dedicated chip. 


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