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Welcome to ArenaRed. Our smart combustion technology proved itself to be the leading in efficiency, emissions and costs. Our focus is motor management based on combustion pressure analysis for achieving the best performance with fewest components. ArenaRed's technology is fundamental in the realization of advanced combustion concepts like RCCI. Offering a ready to marked solution with a winning business case for all vehicles in order to safe 37%* fuel cost, high fuel flexibility and avoid exhaust gas after treatment. On this website we present our technology and our perspective to the future


Fuel cost savings

ArenaRed’s patented technology of Combustion Pressure Based Control (CPBC) in combination with Dual-Fuel realises the next step in clean and efficient combustion engines. Fuel cost savings of 37% with respect to conventional diesel is achieved while the emissions are within the Stage V emission legislation.

Combustion Pressure Based ControlThe CPBC technology monitors and analyses every combustion cycle and gives the engine feedback to obtain the best possible combustion quality. The feedback control ensures that the engine always runs within its limits to extend its lifetime.Generic design


The aim of ArenaRed is to design its technology generic. This means that ArenaRed’s technology is suitable on wide variety of engines, fuel injection systems and different types of fuel. Renewable variants for LNG and diesel are in the scope ArenaRed to make our solutions even more future proof.

Dual Fuel

Although the use of LNG reduces your carbon footprint and fuel cost, Dual Fuel is also an ideal way of controlling the combustion process. The tuneability of the diesel pilot injection is used for shaping the combustion process in a thermodynamic ideal way spark ignition could never achieve. By shaping the combustion process ArenaRed is able to reduce the emissions by controlling the peak temperature during combustion.

Cost reduction due to system simplification

CPBC enables simplification of the modern combustion engine. The number of sensors and actuators can be reduced considerably by 1) the absence of exhaust after treatment 2) the absence of EGR and VTG and 3) CPBC requires less sensors as seen on the figure below. ArenaRed’s Stage V emission performance can be extended to EURO-6 for trucks and buses with a simplification of the engine and without the use of exhaust after treatment. No calibration cost will be spend on injector calibration due to auto-calibrating in the engine thanks to CPBC.


*according to test results obtained at test facility of ArenaRed in 2017

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